Here at C3 Auckland we have taken on the leadership and oversight of 4 churches in Cambodia. C3 Sihanoukville, C3 Siem Reap and Village Outreaches in Otapung and Hope Village. These churches operate in very poor areas and have a large focus on bringing the next generation into church and included in a loving community. 

The average age of the church congregations is around 14 years old, and the Pastoral team are all young adults, so our support is vital to seeing these churches succeed.

We help fund their Pastoral and leadership team, their buildings and all their day to day operations including transport, furniture, and technical gear.

$90,000 is what is needed to fully support the Cambodian church annually. The young Pastoral team have ambitions to see the whole church learn English, get a solid education and find good jobs. The church plans to be completely self-sustainable within 5 years, and with the solid leadership structures in place and initial support from our church, this plan is very achievable.

Our involvement in Cambodia has seen incredible results over the last few years.

We are hearing testimony after testimony of lives being completely changed, restored and sold out to  Christ. This as a result is raising up individuals who are passionate about changing Cambodia for the better.


C3 Auckland has been supporting and working with Pastor David Livingston in Uganda for the last 9 years.

In recent years we have been contributing to "Building for Education" and the work they are doing in Africa.

"Building for education" funds and oversees the building of educational facilities for poor communities in East Africa. Over the years with our support, we have seen some amazing work been done including the building of a church, the management and upkeep of fertile land, and most recently the construction of a new school in Kitgum, Uganda.

The funds we have sent over for the school has allowed them to construct the roof and walls so the school is able to operate. However, the building is not yet furnished with windows and therefore is exposed to the weather and wildlife. We are wanting to continue the development of this facility so the many children in the community have a great place to go to school.

In Kitgum, Uganda, the land is plentiful and furtile, yet much of it is undeveloped.

Providing Cattle and Plows to work the land has proven productive in the past, so we want to commit to providing more of these so the community has an increase of food and income.

Partnering with Pastor David Livingston and Building for Education has allowed us to be involved in some amazing works in Africa. We are looking forward to seeing the completion of these projects and as a result, the impact it has on the lives of those in the community.