Meet the Team

Staff Team

Senior Leadership team

The Senior Leadership Team implements the vision and ministry direction of C3 Auckland. They oversee  all our Campuses and Locations.


Finance & Governance Board

Our Finance and Governance Board serves in the area of overseeing our finances and key directional decisions for the church. It also looks after the health and safety culture of our church. The Board comprises of both church leaders and marketplace people.

Stuart Sugden

Dean & Fiona Rush

Linda Drew

James Watkins


Rise & Build team

The Rise & Build Team oversee and govern our annual building and development campaign. The team collectively builds the vision, and actively strategises ways in which the church can take ground.

Stuart Sugden

Jon Bilger

Jayson Satya

Dave Richards

Chloe Trevor

Lisa Culpan

Scott Reynolds

Katrina Coyle