Every year, we gather together at a local school in the community and host a party. Every time hundreds of people from the community come out to enjoy a day of family, food and fun. All funded and put on by our church. As a result of these parties, many principals have approached us to hold lasting relationships with their schools.


Each month a team gets together at church to pack over 100 lunches for children at 3 different schools across Auckland. Many children go without lunch every day, so it's great that we're able to contribute to the solution.

Scaffold is a long standing ministry of the church that looks after people going through hard times and needing a bit of extra love. Scaffold sends out care packages all over the city every week. These packages contain food, magazines and personal pick-me-ups for the recipient. Anyone who has received one of these packages over the years would let you know the amazing care and thought put into them.

Undefeated, run by the Primal Youth trust, is a teen suicide prevention campaign. Each year we send a team of performers and speakers out into local schools and run shows that spread the good news of hope and purpose.

We have now taken this great campaign into over 50 schools, reaching over 30,000 teenagers, and have plans to take it even further.