Every year we go into a low decile school and run our School Party, where we bless the kids and parents with an afternoon of fun and everything is free: face painting, sausages, candyfloss, entertainment, pancakes, popcorn, bouncy castles, Mr Whippy and giveaways! Over 150 members of the church join together to pull off these amazing days. Through these we build great relationships with the schools and the parents, some saying it's the best day they've had all year and some even saying it's the best day they've had in their entire life. 

We provide free lunches for those in need in three local, low decile schools.

Scaffold links volunteers with the needs of C3 and the greater community by providing meals, babysitting, housework, baking, gardening and more. Through hard times Scaffold is here to help out, deliver a meal or gift basket. Jesus said…when you did it for the least of these you did it for me.

C3 sends out a variety of teams providing both practical and ministry experience serving the community. Recent trips have included the Primal National Tour, Christchurch Earthquake Relief Team, Mission Teams to Fiji and Africa.