There are many ways to give here at C3 Auckland. You can give by automatic payment, via PayPal, or in service.
One of the benefits of being a regular giver with a giving number is that you can claim your giving back on your tax returns each year. If you would like to start an automatic payment you can do so by entering the following information into the form on your banks website.


Internet Banking

03 0195 0236880 13

03 0195 0236880 00

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03 0195 0217217 00

Please include your name and giving number in the reference fields.

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rise & build

Rise & Build exists to build His house, to encourage participation, and to inspire the next generation. Each year we witness the miraculous provision of God through his people, enabling us to take ground for the Kingdom of God.


If you wish to make a one-off payment, set up an automatic payment or fulfill your pledge online, you can do so through entering the following information into the form on your bank's website. 

Rise and Build
03 0195 0236880 09

If you have a giving number please include it in the reference fields

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